Gold Plan.

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The Gold Plan is considered a luxurious funeral package and contains all of the elements you will find in the Silver Plan, including the substantial allowance of £1,100 towards third party fees. In addition to this, your loved ones will follow the procession in a limousine. We will also provide 20 order of service booklets to be distributed as you wish. For more information call us on 0800 77 20 777.


The Gold Plan covers:


24 hour collection and transfer to funeral home (within 30 miles)

Name-plated veneered coffin

Care and preparation

A funeral hearse and bearers

Return of ashes to a designated
individual, anywhere in the UK

20 order of service booklets

Trust Forever Love

Chapel of rest
viewing (optional)

Consultation between family
and funeral director, including
funeral procession

Organisation and conducting
of the funeral

Time of funeral agreed mutually
between funeral director and family

1 following limousine

Disbursement allowance (£1,100)

Trust Forever Pet

*4% annual handling fee included. This plan can be tailor-made to your preferences, just contact us for more information.

NB. If, at the time of need, the total cost of the cremation fee (or internment fee where a burial will take place), the Doctor’s fee, and the ministers fee exceeds £1100 (adjusted for CPI uplift) the additional cost will need to be paid.

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