Payment options

We pride ourselves on making all of our funeral plans affordable, straightforward and secure.

If one of our plans sounds almost right for you, but there’s just one or two details you’d like to change, speak with one of our trusted advisers on 0800 77 20 777. They’ll be happy to talk through the options with you and build a tailor-made package to suit your preferences.



lets you choose how
and when you pay

Choose a one-time payment

Many of our customers choose to pay for their funeral plan all at once. This gives them the peace of mind that everything is in place from that moment onwards.

If that’s your preference too, you can pay by debit or credit card through our website’s payment portal – or by bank transfer, which you can arrange with us over the phone.

This option also saves you from paying any handling charges.

We’ll be happy to discuss your choice with you
– just call us on 0800 77 20 777

Choose a monthly payment plan

If spreading the cost suits you better, we can arrange monthly instalments to be paid by Direct Debit.

All of your payments will be backed by the Direct Debit Guarantee and you can choose which date the money goes out of your account from the 1st or 15th of each month.

If you decide to pay over a 12 or 24-month period your plan will incur no handling charge.

However, should you prefer to pay for your funeral plan over a longer time, with smaller payments, we can spread your instalments over a period of up to 10 years allowing you to keep your monthly outgoings to a minimum.

It pays to have friends, literally!

Being a current trust customer means you know the great benefits you get by taking out a trust funeral plan. Now you and a friend or family member, who goes on to purchase a trust funeral plan too, will receive a £100 Lovetoshop voucher. This way everybody benefits.

Simply give us a call on 0800 77 20 777 and we will take care of the rest whilst you enjoy shopping.

**Terms; We will send a £100 voucher to you both
within 30 days of the date their plan is purchased.



us to help you

There may seem a lot to consider but putting a plan in place today means one less thing to worry
about in the future. So why not take the first step right now?

Our team of advisers are ready to answer any queries you may have. Give us a call on 0800 77 20 777.



Your questions answered via video call

If you’re interested in knowing more, there’s no need to wait for a face-to-face meeting. One of our advisers will be happy to set up a video call with you in the convenience of your own home. You can go through all the options, take your time to discuss which plan is most suitable for you and ask any queries you may have.

trust us…

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