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All of our funeral plans ensure that the fees payable for a funeral director’s services are covered.

We offer a number of plans, each one slightly different in what they include. Please see the table below to compare between our funeral plan packages.

Should you wish to tailor any of our policies to make your policy as unique as you, contact trust on 0800 77 20 777.


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Personal Cremation





24 hour collection (within 30 miles) and transfer to funeral home

Name-plated veneered coffin

Name-plated oak veneered coffin

Care and preparation

A funeral hearse and bearers

Chapel of rest viewing (optional)

Return of ashes to a designated individual, anywhere in the UK

Consultation between family and funeral director regarding funeral arrangements

Organisation and conducting of the funeral, including funeral procession

Time of funeral agreed mutually between funeral director and family

Following limousine

Order of service booklets

Disbursement allowance of £1,100

Direct cremation fee and doctor's fee included

Trust Forever Love (£347 included in our Silver, Gold and Platinum Plans)
Trust Forever Pet(£247 included in our Silver, Gold and Platinum Plans)

NB: £1100 disbursement allowance towards the cost of the following; Cremation fee (or internment fee where a burial will take place), the Doctor’s fee, and the ministers fee.

At the time of need, in the unlikely event that the £1100 disbursement allowance (adjusted for CPI uplift) isn’t sufficient to cover the combined costof disbursements, the outstanding amount will need to be paid.

rising costs

funeral costs keep rising?**

If the cost of a basic funeral rises at the same rate as it has since 2004, we project the average cost of a funeral could reach £5,044 in five years’ time.

This explains why many people are finding their savings or insurance policies are just not sufficient to cover the cost of a funeral when the time comes.


With the cost of dying higher than ever before now is the time to talk about our funeral wishes – and to get a financial plan in place. A funeral plan protects you and your family against any shortfall even if prices rise in the future.

** SunLife (2021), Cost of Dying Report.


Peace of mind is all about



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